Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My first entry....

              I originally started blogging because I had to write a blog about technology and how it effected our society. However I decided to start a new blog because in Creative/Persuasive Campaign class I realized that a blog would be good to have on my web portfolio that I have create by the end of the semester. Now I realize that's a good way to show the world the creativity within me.
           What I realized is  a blog is similar to a journal or diary, the entire world can see what you're writing and if they don't like the post you're gonna have to deal with the consequences. Hopefully that  won't end like that episode of Gilmore Girls, when Rory gets a story published in the school newspaper, and she blasts the Yale ballet. In the end, Rory earns the wrath of the lead ballerina, who leaves a note on Rory's door saying "DIE JERK" in permanent marker on her white board. I highly doubt that type of situation will happen to me, but you never know.
          However blogs and newspapers are two different types of media. Unfortunately the newspaper industry is slowing dying and soon paper media such as newspapers and books are going to be obsoulete. The thing is I like paper media. I'm the type of person who likes writing in books, so I write in the book what the author is talking about. But now people are ditching books and newspapers for kindles and Ipads. However they seem more like portable computers, then electronic books because not only can you go on the internet to update your facebook status, but you can watch movies on Netflix as well. Lets be honest you can't watch movies in book, but you can imagine the story through your head and when the movie comes to thearter near you can see if your imagination was like the movie. In the end, the book is usually better 9 times out of 10. For example when Fitzgerald's best-selling novel The Great Gatsby became a movie, it not only got harsh reviews by the critics but the book and movie were entirely different. Hopefully Leonardo DiCaprio's adaptation is much better then the previous adaptation. But at the end of the day, who knows how it's gonna turn out.

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