Monday, March 26, 2012

There's no carnival on the seven seas

         Over the years when an organizatation experiences a crisis that catches national media attention, it erupts like a volcano throughout the news and social media, which intrigues me. However when it's an organization that has millions and is suddenly on the verge of loosing it all, making the public become aware of what they are doing to handle the situation can reassure the public's trust.
       After Carnival Cruises, one of the fast-growing cruise companies faced one of its biggest tests in years after the Costa Concordia disaster off the coast of Italy, the public relations campaign took a hostile turn, by not ensuring customers what the company was doing to resolve the issue.Instead the company is now offering a 30-percent discount for shipwreck survivors on future cruises.  However offering a discount for shipwreck survivors on future cruises is not an appealing marketing approach because after all that trauma people endured, why would you want to go on a cruise with Carnival again?

     I wouldn't want to go on a cruise with them after this situation, would you? However if the company stepped up and reassurred the public that they were taking the necessary measures to make their cruises a much more safe environment for people to vacation with them, than I may recondsider. In my opinion what the cruise line should have done the following to difuse the situation:
  • Tell the Public that they are aware of what happened in Italy
  • Tak responsibility for the Captain's actions and assuring the public that this will never  happen again
  • Mandatory meetings for all crew members on all their ships to go over emergency procedures
  • Try to find clients who enjoyed their vacation with Carnival Cruises, and ask them to do some sort of advertisement with the company
  • Possibly do a step-by-step campaign to show the public what their doing to fix the problem
I can't help but wonder if they were prepared for this type of situation, how this could of played out differently?

I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens in the future with Carnival Cruises....

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