Monday, July 22, 2013

Facebook and Marketing: Should they be punished for their actions?

Ever wonder how Facebook gets its advertisers? And when you look at your newsfeed you see how detailed the advertisements are to your common interests? While you may enjoy some of the advertisements on your newsfeed, is it worth your privacy Facebook being hacked? It's not right for advertisers to pay money for your Facebook profile.  But should they be punished for selling your information? It's just a business deal for them.
During the past ten years social networking sites have become increasingly more popular on the internet. Social networking sites like Facebook have accelerated the commodification of audience or user labor. However we the user do not realize how we are used for labor purposes. What we the do not realize is that when click on something we"like" it sends a message to the company which will show more adds on the side of our facebook wall.  In the end, all a person's profile is to facebook is only a representation of of you so they sell information to advertisers, so those advertisers can advertise to that profile. Nonetheless is it fair for this social networking site to allow advertisers to market their products through someone's profile?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. In my opinion it's an extreme invasion of privacy, we usually use this site to communicate with people, not buy random products that we won't end up using. According to an article from FORBES magazine calls What Facebook's FTC Privacy Settlement Means to Marketers, clearly says, "Facebook “deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public.” Even though we think our information is privae it's actually public, however were not celeberties or public officals, so why should facebook be allowed to share our information with advertisers and marketers?
Even though social networking sites allow shy and quiet people to spread their wings and become more social within a technological society, it allows these individuals to become empowered. But should these people be allowed the empowerment? While people should understand that marketers and advertisers help facebook stay a float, do they have to take it to the next level and invade a facebook user's privacy? Next we'll here that a facebook user is suing facebook and the marketer/advertiser for going into debt and filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. It's just like McDonald's being blamed for the obesity epidemic in America, Does facebook really want to be blamed for debt for American civilians?

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