Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Rise of the Internet

According to McChesney’s “Will the Internet Set Us Free?” the rise of the Internet will not diminish the power of commercial mass media. McChesney does state, that the "Internet is crucial to the global integration of the economy and many see it as extraordinary social implications for global culture and poltics as well." In other words McChesney states that the internet helps throughout many subject in our society. He mentions that the United States  For myself, the Internet is a tool where I can do a number of things. It allows me to connect with old friends on facebook. Plus I can do some shopping when I'm unable to go stores that aren't nearby or use amazon. When I need to do research I can use GOOGLE to get search results or find where some place is by GOOGLE maps. I can read news stories and celebrity gossip online through websites such nytimes.com, bostonglobe,com, time magazine, or E! news. Or I can read some blog posts that can have political aspects or for entertainment (ie Perez Hilton). In addition if I missed a recent episode of one my favorite TV shows, I can watch it online I can search for it on sidereel or look it up on Hulu's free video watching site xfinity. Nonetheless if I want to watch something amusing or figure out how to do something I can always go on youtube. However if I don't feel like doing none of the above, I can find free games to play online ranging in a number of categories. The truth is the Internet is like an department store for entertainment, where you can find a plethora of things

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